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As a classically trained actor, I've played numerous roles in Shakespeare and Moliere to Ibsen and Miller and have appeared in many features and independent films spanning from Disney to National Geographic, the Civil War to modern times. ​"The Haunted Mansion", "Deadly Obsession", and "Ambrose Bierce: Civil War Stories" to Television in "Situation Critical: Apollo 13", "ER" and "The District".  In 2006 I helped produce and I hosted a documentary of the 35th annual Wichita River Festival that aired on PBS.    

I've had the good fortune to train with teachers such as acclaimed actress, writer, and director Joan Darling, 
theatre legend Mary Jane Teall, and Christina Ferra-Gilmore and Sara Ballantine of The Actors Edge studio in Beverly Hills.  I appeared in the feature film "Wichita" and the short film "Violet" which toured 27 film festivals, garnered 27 nominations and won 12 awards.  

I've written and directed several short films and I am currently involved with television and feature film projects that are in development and/or pre-production.  I completed five feature films in 2016 -- "The Sand Dune", "The Brutal 9", "Red Hand", "Child", "Lord Finn", and I'm booked for several more features in 2017.  I also appeared in the pilot pitch "Midnight Shanghai". Look for the release of all five feature films in 2017. 

I also coach several actors at various stages of their careers with several pursuing professional careers on both coasts.  


What some of my colleagues say about working with me

Delno is a terrific and extremely talented actor to work with.   He handles direction well, collaborates at the highest level, and brings strong, deliberate choices to the table.   He's absolutely a director's kind of actor.
Nicholas Barton 
CEO Prestigious Films.  
Producer, Director, and Writer~ WICHITA 
I had the pleasure to work with Delno on my magical realism romcom CHILD.  I knew from his audition and his reel that he had the talent, training, and professionalism to be an asset to the project. What I was delighted to learn of on-set was his enthusiastic willingness to "play" with my direction and the other actors to bring his role to life in unexpected but perfect dimensions wonderfully well.  I'm looking forward to sharing the results with the world, and moreso to working with Delno again and extensively in the near future.

Calix Lewis Reneau
Director~ CHILD
Playing the role of Doug in our feature film, The Sand Dune, Delno Ebie was a pleasure to work with.   From the moment he stepped on set, it was clear he was a professional.   Easing into his character effortlessly, he took command of his performance and treated the role with the intensity and respect it deserved.   As a producer, I can honestly say his facial expressions and dialogue delivery were spot on the mark.   Not only that, the cast and crew were frequently huddled around him during breaks, enjoying every opportunity they could get in friendly conversation with him.  “Bravo, Mr. Ebie! Bravo!”

Valerie Smith

Delno went above and beyond the call of duty in preparation for a rather difficult role in my short film.  It was a joy to watch him bring that character to life in a way that I hadn’t imagined while writing the script.  Delno’s talent and dedication are boundless.
Randi LeClair
Director, Producer ~ THE LETTER

Working with Delno Ebie has been a blessing.   He is patient with new actors and brings out the best in his co-stars.   Being new to this industry I couldn’t have asked to work with anyone other than Delno.   His experience and professionalism have helped me develop as a writer and director.   I look forward to working with Delno in the future for years to come.

Micah Dennis
CEO Micah Dennis Entertainment
Producer, Director, and Writer~

As a first time director, I was in search of actors with experience to act in my first film "The Brutal 9".    Along with that search I discovered Delno and had him audition for the role of Korvac, a gruff criminal in a prison, and he fit the bill perfectly, so I cast him.   We filmed locally in Kansas City over a 12 day period.   In those 12 days, Delno was on set 3-4 days for his part.   He arrived to the set early each day ready and prepared.   Delno is a great actor to work with and a fun guy to be around.   As a director, I can't wait to work with him again. 

Jordan Jones 
Writer, Director, Producer ~


 I have had the pleasure of working with Delno on 2 feature films that my company, Mountain Air Productions, produced.   I have worked with many talented actors on a variety of films that I produced and without doubt, Delno is one of the most talented actors I have had the pleasure of working with.   His range is extraordinary and he always comes prepared and willing to go the extra mile.                                                                                                         
Jim Russell
Producer~ THE BRUTAL 9 and CHILD 

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